Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dogs


Shelter dogs
We’ve gotten used to being afterthoughts
To waking dreams of locks and rifle stocks
And the body costs
Of being shelter dogs

I need a little love
But not too fast or you’ll never earn my trust
And though I’ll be back here in a couple months
I’ll be your sofa mutt
Until you’ve had enough

So take me home
I won’t bite
I won’t wake you
In the night
I just need a place
I can lay
For a little while

I’ll be good to you
Fetch your coffee and your favorite shoes
And if that isn’t quite enough for you
I won’t make it hard for you
To bring home someone new

You’re just like anyone
You’ll send me back someday
So I’ll see y’around, at the bars or at the pounds
It’s alright. I know when I’ve overstayed

Shelter dogs
Cut silhouettes out of the morning fog
Sniffing around for spots they might belong
Well I know your hungry songs
So could I tag along?