Braden Russom Songwriter and Lyricist sitting on bridge

Braden Russom grew up surrounded by secrets.
Born in a dead paper mill city in Upstate New York, he learned how people, cities, and societies viciously protect the things they don’t want to say.
It felt like a straitjacket.
Today, he writes songs about the things men struggle to say out loud, giving voice to people who have something to say but no acceptable place to say it. In many cases, his songs are his first spoken expressions of things he’s felt for decades.
Hook-centered, rhythmic, and acoustic-driven, Braden’s songs are a blend of Indie and Americana. His lyrics are colorful and imagistic, inspired by artists like The National, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Simon, and Tony Hoagland. He sings with a lo-fi, unpolished quality, somewhere between Tom Waits and M. Ward. “He makes the unfamiliar feel familiar” said one listener.
Braden Russom has played hundreds of solo shows at venues like The Egg, but is currently focused on writing and releasing new songs.